Eye Conditions



Cataract Surgery can be undertaken simply and effectively without an overnight hospital stay and with minimal disruption to your normal daily routine. If you consider that you may wish to undergo cataract surgery you should first see your Optician or GP for advice.

Cataract Decision Aid

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Age Related Macular Degeneration

Unfortunately the majority of AMD remains untreatable, although much can be done to help with magnifiers (LVAs) and good lighting. Some wet AMD is treatable in its early stages. If you think you may have AMD then seek prompt advice from an optometrist or your GP.

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Glaucoma is a group of conditions which result in damage to the optic nerve. Often there are no symptoms in the early stages and it can take some years for symptoms to appear. There is good treatment available for glaucoma and so an early diagnosis is important before too much damage occurs.

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Diabetes is becoming more common and may cause serious eye disease. Laser treatment is often effective in preventing serious visual loss. Everyone with diabetes should have an eye examination once a year to check for early signs of disease.

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